Multimodal parking sites can be found in Antakalnis and the Old Town:
• On Šilo street, near public transport stop “Šilo tiltas”
• At the intersection of Olandų – T. Kosciuškos streets near the transport ring of Olandų street.

For traveling around the city, the residents of Vilnius and guests are invited to combine several modes of transport or try new ones, thereby moving around the capital in a more sustainable way. Thereby the persons travelling will contribute to a cleaner and healthier environment and a greater balance of means of moving around the capital.



Frequenlty asked questions

The main advantage of multimodal sites for anyone in Vilnius is more flexibility to plan their trips around the city, a new possibility of movement in the city.

Both multimodal sites are located next to public transport hubs. In this way, residents can arrive at the stop by bicycle or scooter, leave them locked for temporary parking, and then, without wasting time on finding a place for their “harmonic wheels”, quickly and conveniently continue their journey by bus or trolleybus.

This principle will also work the other way around – when you arrive by public transport at a stop where there is a multimodal site, you can continue your journey with your bike and scooter left here, for example, yesterday or the day before.

Both parking sites are equipped with door locks, modern two-level bicycle racks, special racks for scooters and electrical sockets to charge them. In total, there are 48 lots for bicycles and 4 scooters. It is necessary to have a personal lock for locking vehicles. CCTV cameras are equipped in the sites, which will be available 24 hours a day.

Vilnius is first developed for the people living here, to make it convenient for them to move in different ways in the city, regardless of which mode of transport one chooses. We want the experience of moving in the city to be pleasant, and the residents and guests of the capital to choose what is most convenient for them.

Multimodal sites are also one of the real actions in Vilnius City Sustainable Mobility Plan to increase the attractiveness of urban mobility alternatives and their use. According to this plan, we aim for such a distribution of travel that by 2030, one third of the modes of transport used in Vilnius would be: walking, travelling by public transport and car, another 7.5 per cent – travelling by bicycles, and the remaining part by scooters etc.

Multimodality is a combination of modes of transport promoted by various cities, including Vilnius. For example, when you combine walking with public transport or when you take for part of the road public transport, and continue with the service of shared bike, scooter or other options.

Both multimodal parking sites in Antakalnis are located next to public transport stops, so it is convenient to get to them by bicycle or scooter, to lock them in the parking lot and temporarily leave them here, and then quickly and conveniently continue the journey by bus, trolleybus or on foot.

This principle will work the other way around – when you arrive by public transport to the stop where the parking lot is located, you can continue your journey, for example, with your bike and scooter left here earlier.

Multimodal sites are one of the actions to increase the attractiveness of urban mobility alternatives and to promote their use. According to the Sustainable Mobility Plan, Vilnius aims at the following distribution of travel – that by 2030, one third of the modes of travel would include walking, travelling by public transport, car, another 7.5 per cent – by bicycles, and the rest other modes of transport.

In multimodal parking sites it is allowed to store regular or electric bicycles and scooters. Only one vehicle per user of the service may be left in a multimodal parking site.

Other modes of transport or rolling shall be prohibited in a multimodal site.