Where to park the vehicle in Vilnius?

Parking lots in Vilnius

Don’t want to park the vehicle in the street? Then you can leave it in the vehicle storage lots located near the downtown or even in the downtown itself.

Park & Ride lots

In Park & Ride lots drivers can leave their vehicles and continue their trips on public transport. These lots can be used by any driver who lives in Vilnius, came to Vilnius from another location, or is traveling to the downtown of the city.

Parent stop “Tėvelių Stotelė”

There are two types of Parent Stops in Vilnius: in the first ones, you can spend no longer than 15 minutes, and in the second ones you stop for a brief time to see off your child but are prohibited from remaining there.

How to pay for parking


Strapped for the cash? Pay for the vehicle conveniently and quickly by downloading and installing the “m.Parking” mobile app. Important: You can pay for parking using the app only if you have a Lithuanian phone number

By sending SMS

You can conveniently and quickly pay for vehicle parking by sending an SMS from your mobile phone to 1332. Important: You can pay for parking by sending an SMS only if you have a Lithuanian phone number.

By the ticket maschines

You can pay for vehicle parking using the ticket machines located in the paid parking spaces.

Others partners

You can conveniently and quickly pay for vehicle parking by downloading and installing the “uniPark” or “ParkMan” mobile app.

More about parking payment methods

Frequenlty asked questions

Drivers are required to pay the local toll for parking on public holidays, as indicated by road signs and additional tables specifying the days of the week and hours when tool is collected.

The hours during which parking fees apply are indicated on road signs. In the blue zone, parking fees are collected from 08:00 to 24:00 every day of the week. In the yellow zone, which includes streets like Turgaus, Rinktinės, Geležinkelio, Sodų, and a section of Pylimo street near Halės Market, fees are in effect from 08:00 to 20:00. More information about paid zones can be found here.

Tourist buses in Vilnius can be parked free of charge in designed areas marked with special signs. You can find them here.

Upon arriving at the Customer Service Center to apply for a resident’s permit, you must provide the following documents:

  • a certificate of your declared place of residence;
  • a valid driving license.


If you have declared a new place of residence in one of the paid zones and wish to obtain a resident’s permit, you must present a Certificate of Declared Place of Residence. This certificate can be ordered when you arrive at the Customer Service Department of the Center of Registers, through email [email protected], or by post or courier at SE Center of Registers, Lvovo g. 25-101, 09320, Vilnius.

You also can have the option to obtain a resident’s permit electronically by submitting an application and renewing the permit through the Central Electronic Services Portal “E-Government Gateway”. If you do not wish to provide your data through this portal, you can obtain a resident’s permit at Customer Service Centers.

The national plate number for a resident’s permit can be changed no more frequently than once every 7 calendar days.