Types of short-term stops


There are two types of short-term stops “Tėvelių stotelė” in Vilnius – those that you can park no longer than 15 minutes and places that are intended for a short stop and drop-off of a child, but it is prohibited to park there.

You can find a map of all the short-term parent stops “Tėvelių stotelė” locations in Vilnius HERE.

Marking of short-term parking places

All short-term parking places are marked with road signs indicating the type and duration of vehicle parking, which are complemented by special, bright green “Kiss and Ride” information boards and special pavement markings – white letters K+R, meaning “Kiss and Ride”.

How to correctly park in short-term parking places?


In Road Traffic Rules it is stated that: when leaving a motor vehicle parked in the zone of validity of the sign limiting the parking time, the driver must leave information about the time of arrival of the motor vehicle behind the front glass of the motor vehicle so that it is visible to other people.

Clocks that are sold at JUDU Customer Service Centers can be used to mark the time. The price of the clock is EUR 1. Instructions for use can be found HERE.