How to use Parent Stops correctly?

There are two types of Parent Stops in Vilnius: in the first ones, you can spend no longer than 15 minutes, and in the second ones you stop for a brief time to see off your child but are prohibited from remaining there. All quick stops are marked with the road signs that display the parking method and duration. They are complemented by special informational Kiss and Ride tables that are easily recognised thanks to their bright green colour. Furthermore, the locations of Kiss and Ride stops are distinguished by the special marking of the ground: white letters K+R that stand for Kiss and Ride.
Article 149 of Road Traffic Rules states that “When the vehicle is parked in a controlled zone marked by a sign limiting the duration of parking, a driver must leave information about the time of arrival of the parked vehicle in a place inside the vehicle behind the windshield so that it is clearly visible to other persons”. Small clocks sold at our Customer Service Centres can be used for the marking of time. One clock costs EUR 1. Its instruction manual can be found here.
A map of all Parent Stops located in Vilnius can be found here.
Vilnius residents and school communities are invited to submit proposals where additional Parent Stops should be set up by e-mail to [email protected].