Bicycle and pedestrian infrastructure

You can find a 144 km of quality cycling infrastructure in Vilnius. It is already 2500 bicycle racks installed in the city and 1000 more are expected to be installed every year. Until 2030 it is planned to create the main cycle path network, which will consist of about 160 km of paths.


Maps and routes for cyclist

Vilnius is becoming increasingly comfortable for moving by two-wheeled-vehicles that are sustainable, environment and nature friendly and help to save our time! Bypass traffic jams by riding a bicycle or other rolling means of transport and be an example for others!

Want to plan your route to work by bike or maybe you want to find a calm route to spend some free time with your family? What about an extreme bike ride on narrow forest paths and mountains? Below you will find our selection of trusted resources that will help you plan your bike trip quickly and conveniently.

Maps and routes for pedestrians

Today Vilnius is surrounded by 1490 km of footpaths, and in 2023 it is build another 9.2 km.

There are many ways to get to know Vilnius: by lifting your eyes when travelling to work or university, strolling around undiscovered places during a free time, running around green parks or calm streets of the city. We invite you to discover and experience Vilnius every time in a different way!

Tips for cyclists

Vilnius is becoming more and more convenient to move around with environmentally friendly transport that protect not only our nature, but also time! Travel without traffic jams by sitting on a bicycle or other means of transportation and set an example for others. How to do it safely and comfortably – here we have selected some useful tips!

Where can I leave my bike?

Bicycle racks

We make sure that there is a safe and convenient place to lock your bike in the city.  The bike can be locked both conveniently and safely to a simple U-shaped stand. More than 2500 stands have already been constructed throughout the city – near schools, medical institutions, on central city streets and near places of interest, you can also find stands near shops and business centers.

Multimodal bike parks

These are specially equipped places where you can leave your regular or electric bicycles, scooters and continue your journey on foot or by public transport, conveniently boarding at the stops near the parks.

Frequenlty asked questions

Bicycles can be transported on vehicles specifically marked with a bicycle-permitting signs. Passengers with bicycles should board the vehicle through the second door, located next to the designated area for transporting bicycles. The bicycles must be transported in a way that doesn’t obstruct the safe and comfortable travel of other passengers.

Currently, bicycles can be transported on buses 1G and 3G, identifiable by their exterior design and the label “Velobusas”. These buses are indicated on schedules and timetables with special bicycle symbols, informing passengers in advance when a vehicle equipped for bicycle transportation will arrive.

Scooters, segways, and skateboards can also be transported on the vehicle for free and do not need to be attached to anything on the vehicle.