• By bank card

Since the autumn of 2019, in the most frequently used ticket machines, you can also pay for vehicle parking using contactless bank cards. The updated ticket machines that offer the option to pay using the contactless method can be found in the Blue, Yellow, and Red paid parking zones located in the downtown of Vilnius and its surrounding areas, namely on the streets of Didžioji, Barboros Radvilaitės, Vilniaus, Vokiečių, Šv. Jono, Universiteto, Pylimo, Geležinkelio, J. Lelevelio, Radvilų, Maironio, Bazilijonų, A. Smetonos, Pamėnkalnio, and Tilto.
It is now even easier for the drivers to pay for vehicle parking by using the ticket machines. All you have to do is have a valid contactless bank card, enter the registration number of the vehicle, enter the payment amount, and confirm the payment by tapping the card on the machine. Information about the paid fee immediately reaches the database accessed by parking controllers. Since the instalment of bank card readers, this payment method has become much faster for the drivers; moreover, they no longer need to have small change at hand.

Numbers of the ticket machines Address
111 Didžioji str. 23
171 B. Radvilaitės str. 2
179 Vilniaus (Liejyklos) str. 33
182 Vilniaus str. 30
185 Vokiečių str. 13
188 Vokiečių str. 20
191 Vokiečių str. 3
204 Didžioji str. 36
323 Didžioji str. 22
335 Šv. Jono str. 3
427 Universiteto str. 14
220 Pylimo g. 53
338 Geležinkelio str. 15
172 J.Lelevelio str. 6
58 Radvilų str. 5
176 Maironio str. 4
225 Bazilijonų str. 3
134 A. Smetonos str. 5
205 Tilto str. 29
118 Pamėnkalnio str. 19
  • By coins

After parking the vehicle in a paid parking space, pay the local fee of a designated amount right away using the ticket machine. The ticket machine accepts the following denominations of euro coins: 10, 20, and 50 cent, and 1 and 2 euros.
The paper ticket does not have to be printed unless the driver himself wants one: all that is required is to enter the registration number of the vehicle, and then the information about the paid fee will immediately reach the database accessed by parking controllers.
Using the ticket machines, the drivers have to perform the following actions:

  1. Turn on the screen of the machine by pressing any button.
  2. Enter the correct registration number of the vehicle.
  3. Following the instructions on the screen, make the payment for the desired time period.
  4. After completing the payment, the payment information for the driver will be displayed on the screen. If a ticket is needed, it can be printed by following the displayed instructions. It is not required to leave the printed ticket inside the vehicle.