How to pay for parking on the streets of Vilnius?

m.Parking app

Strapped for cash? Pay for the vehicle parking conveniently and quickly by downloading and installing the “m. Parking” mobile app.
Important: You can pay for parking using the app only if you have Lithuanian phone number.

By sending SMS

You can conveniently and quickly pay for vehicle parking by sending an SMS from your mobile phone to 1332.
Important: You can pay for parking  by sending an SMS only if you have a Lithuanian phone number.

In the ticket machines

You can pay for vehicle parking using the ticket machines located in the paid vehicle parking spaces.

You can conveniently and quickly pay for vehicle parking by downloading and installing the “uniPark”, “ParkMan” or “carOne” mobile app. More information can be found here.

How to pay for a month of parking in a parking zone?

You can pay the monthly fee quickly and easily:

🔵 Using online self-service

🔵 In the customer service centers

How to pay for the resident’s permit?

🔵 Online: by connecting to the central online service portal E-Government Gateway.

🔵 Using online self-service

🔵 In the customer service centers

If the local fee is not paid immediately or if the additional payment of the local fee is delayed and notice is received, the designated local fee must be paid within 168 hours from the end of the day when the notice was issued. Use the methods specified below, ensuring to provide the national registration number of the vehicle and the registration number of the received notice.

After entering the vehicle registration and the notice registration number, the system will automatically display the amount of local fee to be paid. The fee depends on the paid parking zone in which the vehicle was parked: 4.00 EUR in the Green Zone, 7.00 EUR in the Yellow Zone, 20.00 EUR in the Red Zone, and 40.00 EUR in the Blue Zone.

Where to pay the fee after receiving a notice?


After receiving a notice, the designated local fee can be quickly and easily paid here or by connecting to the central service portal E-Government Gateway.

At PERLAS terminals or Perlas Go app

In cash at all PERLAS terminals in Lithuania (except PC “Maxima”) or with a credit card in the Perlas Go mobile app.

Information for providers on toll collection

We would like to kindly remind you that the local fee is a mandatory payment established by the ruling of Vilnius City Municipality Council for owners (drivers) of all categories and classes of motor vehicles and their trailers. It is valid in the territory of Vilnius City Municipality. Since it does not meet the requirements for the provision of products or services specified in the Law on Value Added Tax, VAT invoices are not issued. More information about the procedure for issuing VAT invoices can be found here (in Lithuanian only).

Download and install the “m.Parking” mobile app!