Why to ride a bicycle?

Save time

You will move faster than on foot, avoid traffic jams and will not have to waste time looking for a free parking space.

Take care of ecology

You will reduce the noise in the city and contribute to the preservation of nature, less air pollution.

Save money

You will not have to pay for fuel, parking, car maintenance or a public transport ticket. It is estimated that 1 km of travel by bicycle costs only 0.08 EUR, and by car – 0.50 EUR.

Become happier and healthier

Research has shown that physical health improves mood, ensures a great sense of well-being and helps you lose weight.

What should know each who pedal and roll?

A bicycle is a vehicle – make sure it is in good technical condition.

Be alert, watch and hear what is happening around you.

Respect other road users and be friendly to them.

Make sure other road users can see you, try to make eye contact.

When driving, try to hold the steering wheel with both hands – do not hold hot drinks or the phone.

Choose streets with less traffic for your trip.

When riding a bicycle, keep to the right, when maneuvering be sure to look around, show the maneuver sign – raise your hand to indicate a turn and only then change the direction of travel.

Bicycles, like other vehicles, have a right-hand rule: when there are no right-of-way signs, you must pass road users moving from the right side.

Be more visible in the dark – wear clothes with reflective elements.

Keep in mind that if it rains or in cold weather, the surface may be slippery and the stopping distance will be longer than usual.

Kick scooters in Vilnius

Vilniuje sparčiai daugėja elektrinių paspirtukų. Būdamas vienu iš paspirtukų vairuotojų, laikykis šių paprastų dešimties taisyklių ir tai leis išvengti nereikalingų eismo įvykių bei ašarų. O miestas tau padėkos.