Purchase and top up „Vilniečio kortelė“ (Vilnius Resident Card)

Purchase and top up „Vilniečio kortelė“ (Vilnius Resident Card)

  • At all ticket-selling locations marked with the logo of Vilnius Resident Card.
  • At the online self-service (top-up only);
  • At the Customer Service Centres;
  • Maxima and RIMI supermarkets;
  • Offices of Lithuania Post (Lietuvos Paštas);
  • PayPost branches (top-up only);
  • Narvesen and Lietuvos Spauda selling locations.


  • If you are buying a Vilnius Resident Card and are entitled to concessions on public transport, inform the salesperson about the discount which should be applied to you. When purchasing the tickets the next time, the discount will be applied automatically.
  • Read the Vilnius Resident Card’s description, which you will receive when you purchase the card, carefully; on its last page, write down the number of your card, which is specified next to the barcode. Save the Vilnius Resident Card number, because you will need it in case the card is lost.
  • Topping up works as usual: at the ticket-selling location, give the Vilnius Resident Card to the seller and specify the desired ticket type and (or) the amount of money with which you would like to top the card up.
  • If you top up the Vilnius Resident Card with both the 30-minute and the 60-minute tickets on the online self-service website, the tickets that were purchased earlier will be recorded into the card first. After using up all tickets of one type, tickets of another type will be available for use.
  • If you need both the 30-minute and the 60-minute tickets for your journeys, top up your card with the amount of money with which you will be able to choose the desired short-term ticket at the ticket machine inside the vehicle. Both the 30-minute and the 60-minute tickets can be stored on the phone by using the m.Ticket app.
  • When travelling on public transport, carry your Vilnius Resident Card with an activated/valid electronic ticket. If you are using a discounted ticket, carry the document which confirms your entitlement to the transport concession. The tickets become valid after putting the Vilnius Resident Card on the yellow ticket machine inside the vehicle.
  • If you lost your Vilnius Resident Card or if it is broken, damaged, or non-functioning, please contact a Customer Service Centre.

Paper Ticket

If you travel by public transport not so often, you may find it convenient to purchase a paper ticket from the driver (EUR 1, or EUR 0.50 or EUR 0.20 with a discount). The purchased ticket must be stamped using the validation machine near the driver. The paper ticket is valid until the final stop of the route without the right to transfer to another vehicle.