Several tickets at once

You will be able to buy and activate several tickets of any type at once. The app will be able to hold both 30-minute and 60-minute tickets, 30-day or other types of electronic tickets, with and without a discount. This will allow you to pay for your own journey and that of the passenger traveling with you.

Fast payment by card

Use your bank card to buy tickets quickly and easily. Enter your card details for the first time and buy tickets in just a few seconds.

Transfer of tickets

If the ticket(s) is/are no longer needed and it/they has/have not yet been activated, you can easily transfer it/them from one phone number to another. More information (in Lithuanian only) can be found here.

Route planning

The app will help you to quickly plan your trip by public transport in Vilnius, choose the fastest route, search for bus and trolleybus timetables, and observe public transport traffic in the capital in real time.

Frequenlty asked questions

  • Download the app;
  • Choose the ticket you need;
  • Pay for the ticket by card or internet banking. More information (in Lithuanian only) can be found here.

  • You need to confirm that you really want to activate your ticket.
  • After confirmation, wait for 15 seconds. After this time, your ticket will be activated.

Press the button “Prepare for Control” and provide the controller with a generated QR code.