Public transport in Vilnius


Travelling in the city by public transport is a great and convenient way to reach the destination, places of interest in the city center or suburbs. You can plan your trip using “m.Ticket app, “Trafi app, “Google Maps” or “JUDU trip planner“. 

In Vilnius you can travel by:

Express bus (green bus symbol with letter G)

Bus (blue bus symbol)

Night bus (black bus symbol with letter N)

Trolleybus (red trolleybus symbol)

Watch real-time public transport movement here.

Public transport tickets
All tickets are valid on all buses and trolleybuses throughout the specified time. For ticket types and prices click here.

JUDU/Vilniečio (Vilnius resident card)

You  can buy and load e-tickets onto your JUDU or Vilniečio (Vilnius resident) card (with a one-time fee of 1.50 EUR) at Customer Service Centers or ticket distribution places

"m.Ticket" and "Trafi" apps

To purchase  tickets on your phone, download “m.Ticket or “Trafi” app. Purchased ticket is valid only if activated while on the bus / trolleybus. ❗ IMPORTANT ❗ “m.Ticket” app works only with Lithuanian phone number.

Single-use paper ticket

If you don’t use public transport frequently, you may find it convenient to purchase a paper ticket from the driver. Once purchased, the ticket should be activated by scanning the QR code on it using the validation machine. This tickets is valid until the final stop of the route and doesn’t allow transfers to another vehicle. The price is 1 Eur.

IMPORTANT ❗ You can purchase a paper ticket from the driver only paying by cash, except when traveling by these busses: 881117118119121, 122. Here you can pay in both ways: by cash and credit card.

How to get to / from Vilnius Airport, Vilnius Bus Station and Vilnius Railway station

To / from Vilnius airport

3G (express) – Fabijoniškės–Centre–Airport 3G Airport – Centre–Fabijoniškės

1 – Airport – Vikingų g. – Station;
2 – Airport – Vikingų g. – Liepkalnis – Station;

88 – Airport – Centre – Europa Square;

88N (night) buses are available for traveling at night from 22:30 to 5:30.

📎 More information here.

📎 The location of the bus stop at Vilnius Airport: here

📎 Leaflet for travelers that are using Vilnius public transport: here

📎 How to use e. ticket system in Vilnius public transport: here

To / from Vilnius Bus Station and Railway Station

1G, 2G (express buses)

1, 2, 3, 4, 12, 13, 16, 19, 23, 31, 34, 41, 42, 53, 54, 58, 61, 74, 78, 82, 89

102N, 103N (night buses currently are not running)

1, 2, 7, 15, 16, 20

You can also find our Customer Service Center at Vilnius Railway Station, where you can buy tickets for a trip by public transport, and also get information about other sustainable ways of moving around the city.

📎 How to use e. ticket system in Vilnius public transport: here

Alternative ways to travel in Vilnius

Frequently asked questions

A detailed map for cyclists that include stands, pumps, rental stations and water drinking stops is available here.

  • Plan your trip by bike here.
  • Information on cycling routes and their development plans are available at https://bit.ly/35Zfhc6
  • Tips for those travelling by scooter: https://vilnius.lt/lt/paspirtukai/
  • Walking trails in Vilnius. Your regular routes or a part of them can be particularly arranged for walking on foot: Vilnius kojomis (Vilnius for people traveling on foot)
  • Bicycles and scooters can be conveniently carried on public transport. You can take bicycles inside 50 buses, which are marked with a special bicycle sticker on the second bus door. Regular and electric scooters can also be carried on all buses and trolleybuses. For safety tips on transporting bicycles, check out this video: https://youtu.be/mroCroeVNPQ

You can buy a single-use public transport ticket from the driver for 1 Euro. If you plan to spend more time in Vilnius, we recommend purchasing a JUDU/Vilniečio (Vilnius resident) card. You can buy it at the “Narvesen” store at the airport (Arrivals A or Departures) or in the city at locations marked with the JUDU/Vilniečio (Vilnius resident) card sign. All ticket distribution places can be found here.

The public transport stop is located near arrivals A and B, refer to the map.

There are 4 buses and 1 night bus to/ from Vilnius Airport. The 3G bus runs every 10 minutes. 1, 2 and 88 run every 20-30 minutes. The night bus on the route 88N Airport-Center-Europa Square runs from 22:30 to 5:30 a.m.