Why is it worth to purchase a JUDU/Vilniečio (Vilnius resident) card?

JUDU/Vilniečio (Vilnius resident) card is convenient to use as it can be topped up with both short-term and long-term tickets.

Once you have validated the ticket, you can transfer from one vehicle to another until the expiry of the ticket.

Frequenlty asked questions

You can purchase or top up your JUDU/Vilniečio (Vilnius resident) card at various locations:

  • Online self-service (top-up only);
  • Customer Service Centers at Gedimino pr. 9A (Kudirkos Square), Konstitucijos pr. 3, 1 floor or Geležinkelio g. 16 (Vilnius Railway Station, Central Building);
  • Maxima and RIMI supermarkets;
  • Narvesen, Lietuvos Spauda selling locations.


  • If you are buying a JUDU/Vilniečio (Vilnius resident) card and are eligible for a discount on public transport tickets, inform the seller of your discount. The discount will be applied automatically for your future ticket purchases.
  • When you purchase the JUDU/Vilniečio (Vilnius resident) card, you will receive a card description. Please read it carefully. On the last page of the description, write down the card number, which is located next to the barcode. Save JUDU/Vilniečio (Vilnius resident) card’s number because you will need it in case the card is lost.
  • Topping up your card works as usual. At the ticket-selling location, give a JUDU/Vilniečio (Vilnius resident) card to the seller and specify what ticket type you would like to top up your card with. 
  • If you top up your JUDU/Vilniečio (Vilnius resident) card with both 30-minute and 60-minute tickets on the online self-service website, you can choose which ticket you want to activate – just touch your JUDU / Vilniečio (Vilnius resident) card to the validator, choose which ticket you want to activate and touch the validator with the card one more time.
  • If your trip requires both 30-minute and 60-minute tickets, you can top up the card with the desired amount of short-term tickets. Both 30-minute and 60-minute tickets can also be purchased via the “m.Ticket” app.
  • Always carry JUDU/Vilniečio (Vilnius resident) card with a valid electronic ticket when traveling on public transport. If you use a ticket with a discount, you must also carry a document confirming your right to the discount. Tickets are activated when the card is touched to the validator in the vehicle.
  • In case you lose your JUDU/Vilniečio (Vilnius resident) card or if it’s broken, damaged, or not functioning, contact a Customer Service Center for assistance.

  1. Purchase a JUDU/Vilniečio (Vilnius resident) card at any sales point marked with the JUDU/Vilniečio (Vilnius resident) card sign. You can immediately top up the card with the desired e-ticket type. 
  2. If you are eligible for a discount, inform the seller of the type of discount that should be applied when purchasing the card. The discount will be automatically applied to your future ticket purchases.
  3. Top-up works as usual. Give a JUDU/Vilniečio (Vilnius resident) card at the ticket-selling location and specify the type of ticket you would like to purchase.
  4. You will receive an 8-page leaflet describing the JUDU/Vilniečio (Vilnius resident) card (which is the same size as the card) and a purchase receipt at the sales point. 
  5. Please read the description of the JUDU/Vilniečio (Vilnius resident) card, and on the last page, next to the barcode, write down your card number. 
  6. Save the JUDU/Vileničio (Vilnius resident) card number, as it will be needed in case the card is lost.
  7. While using public transport, ensure you have a JUDU/Vilniečio (Vilnius resident) card with an activated/valid e-ticket. If you travel on a discounted ticket, also carry a document confirming your eligibility for a transport concession. 
  8. Activate tickets by touching the JUDU/Vilniečio (Vilnius resident) card to the validator placed in the vehicle. Each time the card is tapped onto the composter, the time of validity and other relevant information will be displayed.

    Procedure of purchasing and using JUDU/Vilniečio (Vilnius resident) card and electronic tickets (only in Lithuanian language).

When topping up the card at the ticket distribution point, inform the seller about the desired type of e-ticket you would like to add to your card. 

You can load the JUDU/Vilniečio (Vilnius resident) card with short-term tickets (30-minute or 60-minute), day tickets (1-day or 3-day), and long-term tickets (30, 90, or 365 days) at any ticket distribution point marked with JUDU/Vilniečio (Vilnius resident) card sign. Additionally, you have the option to purchase e-tickets via the JUDU self-service.

If you lost your Vilnius Resident Card or if it is broken, damaged, or non-functioning, please contact a Customer Service Centre.